Author: Susan Noland, 2022

“What is your overall vision for your wedding flowers?” This is a question that we will always ask at our consultations.  

Before our first consultation, it is always helpful if you have spent a little time doing some research to narrow down your overall vision. What are your colors? Do you like a lot of greenery, just a touch, or none at all? Do you like large blooms or large and small blooms with lots of texture?  Look at pictures of flowers and weddings. Maybe do a quick search on Google or Pinterest, or better yet take a look at our portfolio!! 

There are so many color combinations and flowers to choose from that I know it can all be very overwhelming! But have no fear! We are here to help you talk through your options!
We can help you choose the best color combos to create a cohesive look from the ceremony to cocktail hour, and all the way to the reception. We can tell you if your favorite flower is in season and if not, we will give you alternatives.

Developing a simple mood board of 5-10 images can be very helpful to establish your vision. The images will convey the overall aesthetic for your wedding as opposed to acting as exact designs that you’d like us to replicate. Our goal is to achieve your vision with the freshest, most in-season blooms that fit your budget and wedding “vibe.” Copying Pinterest images forces designs that may not look their best due to blooms being out of season, of unacceptable quality, or altogether unavailable. 

We love building a relationship with our brides. It is a relationship of trust. Trust that we will use the best flowers and create designs that will draw the eye around the room. Trust that we hear your ideas and are willing to be creative to get the most for your budget. We want to make you feel comfortable and know that we have your best interest at heart. 

One of our favorite things is when a bride says, “I trust you! I know you will make it beautiful!” It makes our hearts warm!

We want our brides to not worry about a thing and know that when they walk into their ceremony or reception that their vision for their wedding day is now a vision come true!