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Ashley Wallace

shley Wallace, CFD, is the owner of The Tallest Tulip, an event-based floral design studio in Houston, TX. She holds the internationally recognized, distinguished Certified Floral Designer designation through the America Institute of Floral Designers. Additionally, Ashley is a member of the Texas State Florists’ Association and has completed certification courses in Floral Design, Wedding Design and Floral Business Management.

The Tallest Tulip focuses on wedding and corporate events and has designed at most Houston wedding venues and for several Fortune 100 company events. The Tallest Tulip also conducts floral design workshops for their clients both in their studio and onsite for client events. The Tallest Tulip’s Design studio is located in Sienna Plantation in Missouri City, TX. If you pop in, you’ll see them in action and will also meet the team’s pet kakariki parrot, Kiwi.

Ashley lives in Sienna Plantation with her husband Jim, daughter Charlotte and their zoo full of pets. She holds a Bachelor’s in Corporate Communications from The University of Texas at Austin. After college, Ashley moved to New York with her best friend Kristin. Every day she walked by a flower shop in her Upper East Side neighborhood on her way to the subway. As she stopped there each morning to gaze into the windows full of tulips, peonies and daffodils, her dream was born.

Brigitte Radulovich

rigitte was born in Maryland and moved to Texas when she was 2 years old and realized she's a Texan at heart. She cultivated her love of organization and planning management while living and working all over the world for roughly 15 years. Bringing order to chaos and mitigating risks are in her DNA! She fells lucky to be married to her best friend, Mark, for over 18 wonderfully crazy years.

They welcomed their sweet kiddo, Nicholas, into the family and rounded it out with their 2 rescue furbabies. Brigitte is actively involved in several philanthropic charities such Tahirih; Houston Achievement Place and KNOW Autism and is an avid believer in giving back to the community she loves.

Regardless of the size, complexity or simplicity of your needs, The Tallest Tulip has an offering that will work. Striving to make each client feel as if they are the only one. Never rushed and focused only on making your vision reality. The Tallest Tulip looks forward to ensuring that the only thing you need to focus on during your special day is enjoying every moment.

Susan Noland

usan was born and raised outside of Jackson, MS, but has lived all over the South after graduating from Mississippi State University where she studied Interior Decorating and Elementary Education.

Her family planted roots in Sienna Plantation 7 years ago where she is very blessed to have the support of her wonderful husband, James, and 2 children, Austin and Ashley.

She has always loved painting and being creative and crafty, so she is very excited to channel that passion into making beautiful creations for The Tallest Tulip.

Gina Monteleone

riginally from Crosby, Texas, Gina has worked and lived all over the Houston area.
She currently teaches journalism to high school students including yearbook, magazine and broadcast classes. But in her spare time, she uses her creativity for small projects at The Tallest Tulip from blogging to web design.

She earned her bachelor's degree in journalism from Texas A&M University- whoop! - and her master's in television production from Boston University. She loves writing and photography and feels so blessed to be a part of The Tallest Tulip team!

Ashley Noland

shley is a freshman in college studying nursing and hopes to someday be an emergency room nurse with a BSN.

She enjoys singing and dancing in her free time. Ashley loves learning how to make flowers and has a lot of fun when she helps out with weddings and events.