Succulents are such a hot trending item right now! They are such a popular option for weddings and we love it! They can be rustic or romantic. These plants are beautiful, creative, easy to use and long lasting. We at The Tallest Tulip love using them in weddings as they have a love language that means endurance and timeless love.

Succulents are making such a statement these days. Using them in a bouquet or boutonniere turns traditional into modern. They have sturdy leaves, bright colors and come in unique textures and shapes. They look different than other flowers, yet their rosette shape goes well with more common flowers such as roses or peonies. They enhance any arrangement they are in.

With palates ranging from greenish greys to deep purples, and a variety of shapes and sizes, succulents can be used as accents not only in the bouquet and boutonniere, but in all the centerpieces from the ceremony to the reception.

Succulents can also be used as a stand-alone statement. They look just beautiful and modern in a geometric shaped terrarium surrounded with beautiful gold candle filled votives. Or hang them in from a tall arch or hoop and add to a flower wall. They are so amazingly versatile.

We also love using succulents as table markers or wedding favors. Instead of putting precious time and money into something will only last moments, give your guests a gift that they can enjoy for years! Adorable succulent wedding favors make all the guests happy. Not only will your guests be receiving an on-trend gift, but you can send them home with sweet messages.

Here are a few sayings to spark your creativity:

-Let love grow

-Love is in bloom

-Rooted in love

-Planting our roots

-We couldn’t say “I do” without you

– Mr. & Mrs., Est.___ (wedding date)

So, after the wedding not only will the guests have a memory to take home with them, but the bride and groom can propagate their succulents from the arrangements, boutonniere or bouquet. Here are some steps to make your succulent last for years to come.

  1. Remove the succulent from your bouquet and trim all your favorite pieces.
  2. Allow the cuttings to dry for a few days until the raw ends have hardened.
  3. Place cuttings on top of well-drained cactus mix.
  4. Water minimally until the roots appear, the approximately once a week. Be careful not to overwater.
  5. Allow them to take root, then replant in a special container.
  6. Avoid placing in direct sunlight.

Gently nurture these succulents just as you do your marriage and they will be a great reminder for years to come of your enduring and timeless love.