Your bridal bouquet. This may be the most important detail for you when deciding on your wedding flowers! There are so many styles of bouquets, so it’s important to talk with your floral designer about the style of your wedding and bouquet preferences to make sure its just what you want. This is an old video (from 6 years ago) and does leave out my favorite style that is very popular now (keep reading below and view my Pinterest board!!). But, nonetheless, it’s a great introduction into bouquet styles! Here are the styles the video discusses:

1.) Nosegay

2.) Posy

3.) Round

4.) Composite

5.) Pomander

6.) Pagaent

7.) Cascade

The style that is missing has increased in popularity over the last few years, which is why it was likely left out in 2012! This bouquet style is the “garden style” bouquet .This bouquet is loose and flowing featuring high-end focal blooms and abundant greens arranged in a free form design. Check out our Bouquet Pinterest board to see some of our favorite bouquets!


XO, Ashley