2020 was a challenging year, to say the least. We are so incredibly excited to have 2020 behind us and start fresh in 2021. We have A LOT of new and exciting adventures planned for this year and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

The lockdown and global pandemic was not all bad for The Tallest Tulip. We took the much needed downtime to tackle some projects that had been hanging over our heads when we were too busy to execute them. 

 Here is a look at some of the projects we completed in 2020!

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We partnered with an outstanding branding consultant and our web developer to launch a fresh “look” for The Tallest Tulip. It was time to revamp our logo, streamline our color palette and font families, and identify brand images that showcase our vibe. 

This was a fun project and we are so happy with the result! Check out our brand board to see our new “look!”

The Tallest Tulip Brand Board


We built out an entirely new platform to showcase our portfolio of work! How cool would it be to view a florists’ portfolio with the ability to search for specific criteria? Want to see pink bridal bouquets, for example? With our new portfolio site, we’ve implemented a menu of search options to help you find the exact images you’re looking for. It’s like a Pinterest search engine of exclusively our work! This portfolio is just getting started. Check back for even more beautiful images and examples of our flowers. 

A screenshot of our new searchable portfolio.


You can send flowers for delivery within our delivery area, but do you know what else you can send? Check out the super cute new items we have available to send WITH your flowers for that special recipient!

We have water bottles, wine tumblers, earrings, wristlets and notebooks that are the perfect “add-on” to send as a gift or for yourself!


Happy New Year!

Welcome Kit

As part of our rebrand, we put together a Welcome Kit for our clients and vendor partners to explain exactly who we are, what we offer, and how we work!