Gypsophila or better known as Babies Breath is a big hit with brides this year!

It can be used as a filler flower or as the whole statement look of the wedding.  And oh, what a statement it can make!

Gypsophila can be considered a budget-friendly flower, but it can quickly turn into high dollar depending on your vision for your wedding. If you are using large blooms, but you need a bit of texture, this flower truly fills in the gaps with an open airy look and keeps you on budget. But if you are ready to go all glam and use it as the main statement of the wedding, it can add up fast.  So keep in mind that it takes a lot of stems to create those beautiful dense puffs of tiny white blooms that you see all over Pinterest. But it is so pretty!  It’s like walking through clouds.

It can make a statement of high end glam, modern, classic, retro or rustic.

Large puffs with lots of stems grouped together is classic. A puffy white garland running throughout the length of the table with roses nested into the babies breath for a high glam look or roses that look as if they are growing out of the garland for a truly modern look.  Loose airy stems sprayed in different colors can range from modern artistic to retro.  And stems placed with wood slices and bud vases for a more rustic look. 

Gypsophila is wonderful for high end hanging installations. It is easily used to create hanging clouds, wall and door designs.  It is lightweight and its shape and texture can truly create any shape that you can dream of. It can be used out of water and still look fresh for several days, which is another bonus for creating lightweight hanging installations. 

The versatility of this one flower is endless. I truly can not think of another flower that can create such different looks. 

It is wonderful to use for a sprayed look. It soaks up the colors to perfection. We have made several ombre looks for photoshoots. A modern ombre wall cloud going from white to bright pink and a more retro 70’s vibe of airy blooms and babies breath with an ombre of color from ivory to pinks to blues to purples. We love it when the client trusts that we understand the vision and we get to be let loose and be creative!  Those are the moments when it is so fun! And seeing the final project at the end, gives us that excited feeling, kind of like a child on Christmas morning!   

The white blooms are small, but the name has a huge meaning. It means Everlasting Love. It also represents innocence, purity, sincerity, compassion, trust and romance. How incredible is that? No wonder it is such a popular wedding flower.